Intergenerational Choir

Music Director Everard Huggan poses in the choir loft with cantor Barbara White. They were
performing at a 5:00 PM mass.

St. Thomas Church has a music ministry consisting of an inter-generational choir (above) and cantors. The choir performs at the 10:30 AM mass on Sundays. They also perform at special services.

The choir performs during 10:30 AM Mass.

Youth participate in the choir.

   Cantors provide music for services when the choir is not present.

                                     This cantor is also a member of the choir.

             The choir rehearses on Tuesday nights and before 10:30 Mass on Sunday mornings.

             Youngest member of the choir sings her first solo, 'Silent Night 'on the Feast of the Epiphany.

                           The Choir performs in a loft situated in the back of the church.

    Anyone wishing to join the choir or become a cantor should fill out a ministry registration form.
    The music director will contact you. No audition is necessary. All abilities are welcome!


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