Parish News

Bayberry Fair
Crafts, raffle items, food, and music. Plus Santa and his elf!
The fair occurs on Saturday, November 17 from 9:00 AM to 3 PM,
and Sunday, November 18 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, inside the
Large Hall. Please support this fundraiser for our parish.

At the Large Hall, crafters assemble Cape Cod Christmas Trees for sale at the Bayberry Fair.

Christmas tree notecard holder is one example
of handicrafts that will be sold at the fair.

Parish Town Hall Meeting
The parish will hold a town hall styled meeing on Tuesday, December 4th,
at 7:00 PM inside the church. The agenda will include an update on the
parish's finances. Parishioners are encouraged to attend.

Parish Collaboration
In 2020, our parish will form a collaborative with Saint Joseph’s Parish in Medway.
This page will provide updated information. Here is a Q&A on the topic:

Collaborative Q&A
Why is our parish forming a collaborative?

The primary reason is a shortage of priests.

What other reasons drive this decision?
The reasons aren’t specific to our parish or Saint Joseph's. Other parishes
are also collaborating. The Archdiocese is grappling with the challenge of
fewer parishioners and less money. Collaboratives free up resources, save
money, and prevent the closing of parishes.

Does a new parish arise from Saint Thomas and Saint Joseph?
No, each parish retains its name and identity.

Will one pastor serve both parishes?

Who will serve as pastor?
Cardinal Sean O’Malley will make the decision at a later date.

Do both churches remain open?
Yes. Schedules for masses and other sacraments may be changed.

In what rectory will the pastor reside?
That decision will be made by the pastor.

How does this plan affect deacons?
A deacon, when available, would serve both parishes.

What happens to the rectories?
Both rectories remain with each parish. One rectory may be repurposed.

How does this collaboration affect lay staff?
Most of them will serve both parishes.

Will religious education programs merge?
It’s an option and not a requirement. At this time, the matter hasn’t
been considered.

How does the collaboration affect our parish council?
One council, with members from both parishes, will guide the pastor.

Will the finance councils also merge?
No. Each parish will retain its own finance council.

How does this plan affect parish monies?
Each parish handles its own finances. That said, the finance councils
will work together to fund expenditures common to the collaborative.

Give an example of a common expenditure.
Monies for the pastor’s stipend would be provided by both parishes.

Any other considerations regarding the collaborative?
The Archdiocese wants our collaborative—and others—to include
evangelization in its goals.

Where did these answers come from?
In December 2017, parishioners met with Father Paul Soper and Sister
Patricia Boyle, from the Archdiocese Office of Pastoral Planning. They’re
leading the implementation of collaboratives.

Does the Archdiocese have a website on collaboratives?
Yes, here is a link.



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